The Questionable Hornbill t-shirt design

I have just returned from my tropical biology conservation field course in Uganda. While we were there we visited Queen Elizabeth national park. Whilst being bombarded by stalks as tall as an overgrown, bald Hobbit; i drew a T-shirt design for the TBA (Tropical Biology Association). The design is of a black and white casqued hornbill (Ceratogymna subcylindricus), although i am not sure any of our bird experts were convinced.


The t-shirt currently covering up Edwards new tattoo of a black and white casqued hornbill.


Them crooked stalks!


The boyband shot.


The t-shirt as worn by our TBA football team. We took on the local team and only lost 3:2! I was made captain but soon relinquished my position due to not being sufficiently fit to play football in a jungle at 1000 meters. I also had no understanding whatsoever of the offside rule.


You can also wear your t-shirt while fashioning a spear. Good work Paul-Emile!