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Howdy folks

This month I was asked to produce a leaflet for nursery bedding firm DK Glovesheets ltd, who supply John Lewis. The idea was to provide the John Lewis sales department with an understanding of the manufacturing process of their fitted bed sheets, as well as where each process occurs. I was also employed through my Biology/ecology and textiles background to educate sales staff as to the importance of choosing organic cotton products, both for the health and sustainable livelihoods of the cotton farmers, manufacturers and finally the consumer. If you want to know more the suggested reading i gave the John Lewis staff was “The story of stuff” by Annie Leonard.

By Suggested i actually mean obligatory reading.

In short choosing Organic could prevent thousands of indiscriminate pesticide related deaths in developing countries every year.

john-paul-de-quay-illustartion-dk-glovesheets dk-glovesheets-pamphlet-2

Images of the finished booklet.


The display board with larger printed versions of my artwork, photos of the manufacturing process and company history.


Second and third generation of the family business DK Glovesheets ltd, ready to promote sustainable and organic cotton as an ethical life saving choice.

retro infographic illustration of cotton knitting loom

Gary from Leicester. ink and digital

retro infographic image of a factory with sewing machines

the workshop

retro infographic image of a factory and warehouse. packaging goods in boxes

The packing department

retro infographic image of a man spinning cotton

spinning cotton

retro infographic image of an indian woman picking cotton

Indian woman picking cotton