Maria Maria. She reminds me of a Metropolis story

Wait a minute…

Maria was a Fembot?

Inspired by a talk by Little White Lies’ Timba Smits at 71a’s design week, I turned my hand to movie related artwork. Using this as an excuse to try a new technique, I painted Maria and the robot from the 1927 movie Metropolis. I thought ink washes over a lightly textured paper would recreate that lovely film grain from the film. Also any excuse to draw robots.


An image of Maria and the robot from Metropolis

Maria and the robot from metropolis.

A close up photo of an illustration of the robot from metropolis. The illustration is a black and white ink drawing.

The robot from metropoli

A close up of a black and white illustration portrait of Maria and the Robot from the film Metropolis

A close up of Maria and the Robot from Metropolis

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