This is a sample I did for an atlas book. I was informed that they did not want so many screaming Inca mummies as the draft. I think that’s a pity. I really like screaming Inca Mummies. I think I may draw one next, or even a screaming Inca Llama Mummy?

I have included the pre-coloured ink drawings and some that didn’t make it into the final.



line art ink drawings of peru and nazca lines

Line drawings of some of the Nazca lines, a Peruvian church, Machu Picchu and a sardine. At the time of writing this i am unsure as to the geographic distribution of sardines and their presence off the coast of Peru. I could google it. Or you could. I just googled it. here is the link if you are interested:

woodcut style illustrations of a llama and peruvian girl

A llama and a girl.

Line art illustration of a backpacking turtle

A tortoise waving the Peruvian flag in case you didn’t already know what it looks like. Thankfully it is actually is quite detailed otherwise a black and white image would have been pointless to illustrate a flag.