Myths and Legends

This was a colouring activity book I illustrated for Templar Publishing. I hope everyone is having as much fun colouring and doodling as I had drawing it. All drawn in ink, that Yggdrasil world tree took a while.

”Full of beautiful black and white pictures to colour in and design, it is sure to hone artistic skills. The pages are full of fascinating facts about the Norse, Celtic and Greek myths and legends. Hours of fun guaranteed.”  Natasha Harding– The Sun


illustration of the trojan horse in ancient greek pottery art style colouring book illustration of greek gods and goddesses zeus, athena, ares, poseidon, artemis, apollo illustration of gullinbursti the norse boar from mythology colouring illustration of a frost giant from norse mythology line art ink illustration of valkyrie fighting a norse dragon illustration of Jörmungandr the midgard serpent and yggdrasil tree roots line art ink illustrations of medusa, peagsus and centaur drawing the cover of templars myths and legends activity book