rosary book


These are some woodcut style illustrations i did for a book on the rosary called…The complete guide to the rosary! It mostly features Jesus. Mary is there too for a piece i did for a prayer card for the chaplaincy of the armed forces.

image of the complete guide to the rosary book

The complete guide to the rosary. Sporting a cover by myself.


woodcut illustration of jesus at the sermon on the mount from the mysteries of light

Jesus and the sermon on the mount. Ink.

jesus at the wedding at cana woodcut illustration from the mysteries of light

The wedding at Cana

woodcut illustration of jesus with moses and elijah at transfiguration. mysteries of light

The transfiguration

woodcut illustration of jesus and john the baptist with dove

Baptism of Jesus

digital colour religious illustration of mary mother of god

Image of Mary for the Bishopric of the Armed Forces.