I am John Paul de Quay*. I am a freelance illustrator. I trained as a biologist and environmental scientist at the University of Sussex and with the Tropical Biology Association in Uganda. I have a keen interest in engaging people in science and natural history through exciting and humorous Illustration. I am multi disciplined and have a postgraduate certificate in animation from The University of the West of England. I am also experienced in book design and packaging. I Prefer to work traditionally using ink and watercolours, but am highly experienced at delivering digital artwork for any Media. Having years of experience working in a creative studio i am highly competent at using Photoshop, Illustrator and Indesign.

I have worked for clients such as the BBC, Templar Publishing, Macmillan Publishing and Houghton Mifflin Harcourt and Lerner books. I would like to work with clients who have an interest in natural history, nature and the environment, spooky occurrences, culture and stoic adventurers (including Astronauts/Cosmonauts/Argonauts). I like publishers who really make an effort with every aspect of their book design, especially their choice of paper and ink.

I am currently working on educational manuals for conservation projects in Uganda and Madagascar. These include plant species identification manuals and instructions on building more efficient wood fired cooking stoves to reduce the destruction of natural forests. I believe illustration is an excellent way of getting people excited and involved with important topics.

I live in the United Kingdom and devote my spare time in summer months to growing chilli peppers. I am currently perfecting my plan for a sustainable future. I care for a small plastic dinosaur.

I have three pet squid. They live in the bath. It makes drawing in ink quite economical.

Please contact me for all work inquiries via my contact page or social media.